51 Inspirational Stories

Source: Barcroft Media There are rare people in this world who are role models for the rest of us. Whether it is physical, mental, age or circumstances, they achieve astonishing greatness regardless of any challenges they may face. While others may not face any personal challenges, they show remarkable abilities in intelligence, selflessness and character. Here are 51 stories of ... Read More »

15 Types of Crazy People and How to Deal with Them

Do you feel like you are surrounded by crazy people? If not, the nutter could be you. We are all a little cuckoo in our own way, but some folks take their crazy to an entirely different level, making them more difficult to handle than others. Understanding the type of nut-job you are facing and learning a few coping skills ... Read More »

5 Steps to Getting Your Teenage Daughter a Vibrator (Infographic)

How to Keep Your Teenage Daughter from Having Sex too Early Moms who put aside their own discomfort to educate and empower their daughters about sex are giving them the greatest gift they will ever receive. Teen sex, pregnancy and STDs are on the rise and happening at a much younger age. If moms don’t get with the program, they ... Read More »

40 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning Forty

As a woman it is very easy to get so caught up in working to make a life for yourself that you forget to live your life. You think “I can do that later” or “One day I’m going to…”, and before you know it you are facing the big FOUR-OH. Although forty doesn’t hold the same dead end stigma ... Read More »

14 Self-Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women need to make self-protection a greater priority. According to statistics every two minutes a woman in America is raped, and one out of four women will be the victim of a violent crime. Having the delusion that it can’t happen to you or that it’s something that only happens to other people is the kind of attitude predators depend ... Read More »

9 Steps to Mending a Broken Heart

There is no pain like that of a broken heart. The anguish of unrequited love can be a soul-wrenching experience. It is an emotional injury that manifests itself in a very physical way, leaving grief-stricken individuals feeling raw, exposed and vulnerable. Most people make two mistakes when faced with such strong emotions. They either want to get over it as ... Read More »

25 Foods with Shocking Ingredients – What Are You Eating?

Americans are oblivious to the hidden ingredients in their food. Although people are more likely to look at food labels now more than they were in the past, food manufacturers are hiding the inexcusable ingredients behind obscure names. Even worse, the government has passed laws stating that these practices are legal. Companies are allowed to use toxic chemicals, bird feathers, ... Read More »

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