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30 Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids with Instructions

Pinecone bird feeder

Keeping kids imaginations active and their creativity flowing is an important part of helping them develop. Here are 30 fun and easy craft ideas for kids with instructions that are easy to follow and do. 1. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards with Plant Seeds These cards are fun and easy to make. Watching the seeds sprout and grow and learning how ... Read More »

15 Tips on How to be Happy in Life

Everyone has times in their lives when they feel a little down in the dumps. It could be a passing funk, or they may find that they are dissatisfied with the status quo. During these times it is normal to turn to external things like shopping or focusing on your career to make you feel better. However, these will only ... Read More »

51 Inspirational Stories

Source: Barcroft Media There are rare people in this world who are role models for the rest of us. Whether it is physical, mental, age or circumstances, they achieve astonishing greatness regardless of any challenges they may face. While others may not face any personal challenges, they show remarkable abilities in intelligence, selflessness and character. Here are 51 stories of ... Read More »

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