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60 Fiber Rich Foods

Beans High Fiber Foods

Making sure we have enough fiber-rich foods in our diet can be difficult. We hear terms like “water soluble fiber” and “non-water soluble fiber” and have no clue what it means. Plus, food manufacturers market half of their products as having “added fiber”, but then the food inside the package tastes like cardboard. It’s enough to make you want to ... Read More »

6 Best Fruits for Your Skin

When you eat the right variety of fruits there are many ways your skin will benefit. Fruits are antioxidant powerhouses that can boost immunity, reduce inflammation and fight premature aging. They contain an assortment of vitamins and minerals that increase collagen production, make skin smoother and more radiant. Instead of reaching for a jar filled with chemicals, eat to beat ... Read More »

25 Foods with Shocking Ingredients – What Are You Eating?

Americans are oblivious to the hidden ingredients in their food. Although people are more likely to look at food labels now more than they were in the past, food manufacturers are hiding the inexcusable ingredients behind obscure names. Even worse, the government has passed laws stating that these practices are legal. Companies are allowed to use toxic chemicals, bird feathers, ... Read More »

Top 10 Causes of Death in the United States

As Jerome P. Crabb said, “Dying is like getting audited by the IRS – something that only happens to other people… until it happens to you.” While Americans are building underground bunkers and prepping for the apocalypse, they are ignoring the very real dangers that will actually kill them. Yes, it is way more fun to blow shit up while ... Read More »

10 Woes of the Dreaded Gyno Visit

Unless you’re some va-jedi warrior who bounds up on the exam table, shoves your feet in the stirrups, and looks your doctor straight in the eye, ordering, “Give me a papper with the works!”, then you, like all women, dread your annual visit to the gynecologist. That place is like a medieval torture chamber. Women are forced to endure more ... Read More »

17 Annoying Things That Happen During Your Period

You’re doubled over in pain, something smells rancid, and your bathroom looks like a crime scene from a television show. Has a devastating, life-altering tragedy occurred? Nope, you’re just on your period. And you deal with the same shit month after month. There’s all kinds of annoying stuff that can happen during your period, and only some of them have ... Read More »

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