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14 Self-Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women need to make self-protection a greater priority. According to statistics every two minutes a woman in America is raped, and one out of four women will be the victim of a violent crime. Having the delusion that it can’t happen to you or that it’s something that only happens to other people is the kind of attitude predators depend ... Read More »

11 Reasons You Shouldn’t Procreate With Just Anyone

Everything looks easy in TV land, but that’s because television shows are written by highly imaginative writers who are completely out of touch with the real world. Or maybe they’re just smoking crack. When it comes to being a single mother, fantasy and reality look nothing alike, and if you embark upon this misadventure you’re probably in for a rude ... Read More »

5 Double Standards Society Still Deals With

If you’ve been alive for more than, say, a week, you’ve likely come across some double standards that have always driven you nuts! If you’re kind of perplexed by what we mean when we use that term, think of things like gender roles, for example. What do you think of when you hear that the trash needs taken out? The ... Read More »

31 Annoying Things About Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping. You’d think it would be fairly simple to gather food for your family, pay for it, and head home with a trunk load of goodies. But no trip to the grocery store is complete without a fair amount of annoyance, irritation, and perhaps even outright rage. From disorganized stores and idiotic policies, to malfunctioning technology and obnoxious fellow ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why the Assault Weapon Ban Could Backfire

Unless you’ve been spending too much time in your off-the-grid underground bunker lately, you’ve probably heard of the recent push for a ban on “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines (the thingies that hold bullets, not Cosmo). You probably also know that this controversy has arisen out of the recent mass shooting events which have devastated many communities across the nation. ... Read More »

10 Reasons Hot Chicks Have Fewer Friends

Here’s an issue that a lot of people are reluctant to discuss. It’s easy to envision beautiful women enjoying lives far superior to our own, full of parties, dates, and opportunities we can only dream about. The reality is that a lot of them are, through no fault of their own, pretty damn lonely most of the time. We live ... Read More »

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