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10 Reasons Why the Assault Weapon Ban Could Backfire

Unless you’ve been spending too much time in your off-the-grid underground bunker lately, you’ve probably heard of the recent push for a ban on “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines (the thingies that hold bullets, not Cosmo). You probably also know that this controversy has arisen out of the recent mass shooting events which have devastated many communities across the nation. ... Read More »

10 Reasons Hot Chicks Have Fewer Friends

Here’s an issue that a lot of people are reluctant to discuss. It’s easy to envision beautiful women enjoying lives far superior to our own, full of parties, dates, and opportunities we can only dream about. The reality is that a lot of them are, through no fault of their own, pretty damn lonely most of the time. We live ... Read More »

18 Reasons Why Men are More Awesome Than Women

For those who believe in the Adam-and-Eve scenario, it may seem pretty clear that God should have just stopped with Adam. Sure, Eve had boobs, which Adam was probably pretty thrilled with at first. But then she did all that stuff with eating the bad fruit and getting them kicked out of Eden, not to mention her incessant yammering and ... Read More »

7 Reasons Stupid People Should Not Be Allowed to Reproduce

This may not be the most popular or politically correct topic to discuss, but you’ve probably already thought about it. Just admit it. At some point you’ve no doubt watched the evening news or looked around in a public place, and thought to yourself, holy crap, the world is overrun by morons. Well, guess what – you’re right. Stupidity seems ... Read More »

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