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How to Prevent Cyber Bullying in 12 Easy Steps

Understanding cyber bullying and learning how to prevent it has become critical. Not only are women stalked online, but children are taking their own lives because of cyber abuse. Online harassment is only limited to the bully’s imagination, determination and technological skills. Although there is no way to be completely shielded from negativity online, there are steps and precautions you ... Read More »

5 Steps to Getting Your Teenage Daughter a Vibrator (Infographic)

How to Keep Your Teenage Daughter from Having Sex too Early Moms who put aside their own discomfort to educate and empower their daughters about sex are giving them the greatest gift they will ever receive. Teen sex, pregnancy and STDs are on the rise and happening at a much younger age. If moms don’t get with the program, they ... Read More »

9 Steps to Mending a Broken Heart

There is no pain like that of a broken heart. The anguish of unrequited love can be a soul-wrenching experience. It is an emotional injury that manifests itself in a very physical way, leaving grief-stricken individuals feeling raw, exposed and vulnerable. Most people make two mistakes when faced with such strong emotions. They either want to get over it as ... Read More »

8 Ways Spring Affects Your Libido

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, birds are singing and you are randier than a sailor on shore leave. Yes, as we learned from watching Bambi everyone gets “twitterpated” in the springtime. Friend Owl explained that your knees get weak, your head’s in a whirl, you’re knock for a loop then — woo-hoo, you get some head ... Read More »

25 Amazing Animals and Things They Can Do That You Can’t

1. Cheetahs Source Can you run 60 miles per hour? This big cat can do something you certainly can’t. It’s not sheer speed we’re talking about here; he can actually accelerate from 0 to 60 in three seconds flat. Not only can the cheetah run faster than you; he also accelerates faster than your car. Read More »

Top 10 Causes of Death in the United States

As Jerome P. Crabb said, “Dying is like getting audited by the IRS – something that only happens to other people… until it happens to you.” While Americans are building underground bunkers and prepping for the apocalypse, they are ignoring the very real dangers that will actually kill them. Yes, it is way more fun to blow shit up while ... Read More »

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