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8 Ways Spring Affects Your Libido


Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, birds are singing and you are randier than a sailor on shore leave. Yes, as we learned from watching Bambi everyone gets “twitterpated” in the springtime. Friend Owl explained that your knees get weak, your head’s in a whirl, you’re knock for a loop then — woo-hoo, you get some head (or something along those lines). Ok, maybe he said you “lose your head”, but spring fever makes you hear what you want to hear. If you find yourself looking for someone to find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of your tootsie pop, you’re not alone. You were not brainwashed as a kid by a kooky, old owl about the aphrodisiac effects of spring. Here are the real reasons spring affects us all in such a fervent way:

1. More Sunlight

As the days grow longer, we are exposed to more sunlight. Although we have heard the many dangers of sun exposure, or over-exposure, the sun also has many health benefits as well. A mere fifteen minutes of sunlight a day can make us healthier people. The healthier we are, the more virile we are.

2. More Energy

One of the effects of getting more sunlight is that it signals the body to produce less melatonin, the chemical that tells our bodies to go to sleep. When there is less of the chemical being produced, we have more energy (like going from hibernation mode to come out and play mode). All of that pent-up energy is, well, pent-up energy. If we don’t find a way to release it, we feel like we will explode. After a long, cold winter we all deserve to have some energy-releasing fun time.

3. More Happiness

Not only does the sun tell our bodies to sleep less, it also affects our mood. In the winter, the lack of sunlight may cause us to feel the “winter blues”. However, in the spring, it triggers our brains to produce more serotonin, our “happy chemical”. The change in mood is likely involved in our sudden lust for life (and other things) that occurs in the spring.

4. More Fresh Air

After being cooped up all winter, we open the windows to let in the warm, fresh air. We are also drawn to the outdoors. As a result, we breathe fresher air. Although we breathe all day every day, indoor air has pollutants that mess with our bodies. All of those air purifiers for your house have been proven to make the quality of the air worse, not better. That’s why fresh air is so important. The more fresh air we breathe, the more oxygen we pump into our bodies. Oxygen creates more energy, blood flow and clears out the mental cobwebs, so to speak. Plus, taking deep breaths makes your boobs lift up and out, which is exciting for everyone.

5. More Social

All of the sunlight, warm air and energy makes us want to go out and be more social. This is the time to see your friends in person instead of a video chat. Even if we’re not meeting our friends, we go out to farmer’s markets, outdoor cafés and parks. You will be around other people and strike up conversations because everyone is feeling the same spring fever that you are experiencing. As an extra precaution, you may want to keep protection on you at all times. Your impulse control may be lowered, so take the advice of boy scouts and be prepared.

6. More Exercise

Along with all of the reasons mentioned above, spring is our second mental reset for the year. New Year’s resolutions have long been forgotten and all of the growth happening around us causes us to re-evaluate ourselves. Getting more exercise is at the top of most people’s list when it comes to self-improvement. We also become more aware of our bodies when we start shedding all those layers of clothing. When we exercise, endorphins are released, which are our “feel good” hormones. The better we feel physically and about ourselves in general, the sexier we feel. We all know when we feel sexy our libido increases. Plus, going to the gym is a great place to meet hot guys.

7. Less Stressed

One of the other side effects of spring fever is distraction and daydreaming. When we are distracted by all of the happy-happy joy-joy feelings going on around us, we aren’t worrying about our problems. Plus, all of the fresh air, exercise and sex that we are having are all excellent stress reducers. No wonder people who live on tropical islands are so happy all of the time. Oh…tropical islands. Doesn’t that make you want to go on vacation? Yeah — sitting on the beach, drink in hand, waves lapping the shore, some hottie rubbing warm suntan lotion on your back… sigh. So, yeah, distraction and daydreaming are huge symptoms of spring fever.

8. Less Clothing

As temperatures rise we ditch the coat and boots for short skirts and flip flops. As much fun as winter fashion can be, increasing the amount of skin you are showing by sixty percent (that’s being conservative) changes that way you carry yourself. It also catches the attention of guys everywhere. Men are visually stimulated. When women around them make a sudden change from only showing their face and neck to showing arms, legs and cleavage, they are like kids in a candy store. We’ll call this the twitterpation effect.

Now that you know there are biological reasons behind your orgiastic feelings during the spring, relax and just go with it. The more sexually active we are, the longer we live. Sex has real health benefits. Besides, it’s in the air; birds and bees, even the plants with all of their pollination going on, and as the old saying goes, “when in Rome!” Oh… Rome. That would be fun!  Italian people are so hot, and their accents are so sexy… sigh.

Enjoy your spring fever!

What are your biggest spring fever symptoms? Is spring your horny time of year, or does another season effect you more?

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