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5 Double Standards Society Still Deals With

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If you’ve been alive for more than, say, a week, you’ve likely come across some double standards that have always driven you nuts!

If you’re kind of perplexed by what we mean when we use that term, think of things like gender roles, for example. What do you think of when you hear that the trash needs taken out? The man, right? What about cooking dinner? Cleaning the house? The woman, right?

Now, let’s say you hear about a stay-at-home husband or a woman that can fix the family sedan. That little feeling inside of many people that think either or both of these scenarios seem a little odd, or even wrong? Those are double standards; anything that creates a different expectation in someone, even though the situations are similar.

For eons, many women have said that men need to be willing to help clean the house and make dinner. For just as long, men have said that women need to learn how to become more self-sufficient. Well, now that they are, everyone’s bitching!

Not all double standards are quite so common. Below are 5 double standards that society still deals with every day, but may or may not be discussed or even thought about much.


1) Sex Toys

Admit it. You hear a woman talking about how many dildos, vibes, bullets or other toys she has and you barely bat an eye, right? Well, now imagine you learn ol’ Jim next door has a prostate massager, a fleshlight and an inflate-a-date in his arsenal. You think Jim’s a little off, don’t you? You think Jim is a pervert, a sexual deviant and some kind of sicko. Apparently, much of society feels that women, and women alone, get to get their own rocks off rather than go on the hunt for some genuine human stimuli.

Well, if society wants men to be less sexually forward and always seeming to be looking for his next piece of ass, we need to learn to ignore the fact that he’s gotta have something other than his hands every once in a while if he’s going to succumb to our demands.

On a similar front, we have…


2) Going Out and Getting Laid

We’ve all met them; the guy in the crowd who “just wants to get a nut” no matter who the woman is or what she may have been hoping to find when she left the house that night. We automatically think this guy is just sowing his wild oats and using what he has before he loses it. But we don’t judge him as a person, necessarily, and do assume he’ll grow out of it eventually. Now, if we see a woman who just wants something that isn’t an inanimate object or her hand inside of her for a change, she’s automatically a slut and will end up pregnant or AIDS-ridden before she’s 25. Well, it’s bullshit.

While this double standard is lessening a little here in the digital age, it’s still quite rampant. Men have been waiting since time began to have a far easier time finding women who will put out, and women have been sick and tired of being so prim, proper and ladylike 24/7, and want to occasionally go out and get their freak on. We can’t give men a veritable pass and then give scarlet letters to the women who finally go for what they want.


3) Strip Clubs

Think about it: You hear about a group of guys going to a strip club and the first thing most think is, “Oh, look! There they go to waste the money for the rent on some bimbos…who they’re probably trying to bone too!” Now, put the shoes on the other feet. A group of women go to see The Chippendales and suddenly they’re just out letting some steam off, lessening stress and having fun for a change.

Newsflash: Unless it’s a Friday night and there’s a college or military base nearby, the DJ is practically having to beg the guys to hoot and holler at/for the girls. At the ol’ Beefcake Palace down the street, women are losing their fucking minds as Mario shakes his junk and slaps her in the face with it. Women get far more excited and hands-on in strip clubs than guys do…even if it’s a club intended for guys’ enjoyment.

On a far more serious note…


4) Molestation and Rape

While these two are, in most circles, seen as a male-on-female thing, the opposite does indeed happen. Men are raped. Boys are being molested in droves by female teachers (whether you want to acknowledge that as molestation or not), and many are far too embarrassed to ever report it. The statistics themselves aren’t even worth mentioning because of that fact.

On another front, the second most of us hear about a priest molesting children, we automatically think man-on-boy. Well, girls have been molested for just as long by (some of) the clergy. Girls have also been the victims of older females taking advantage of their trust and plying them with alcohol.


5) Castration for Abuse

We’re not talking about castration in the form of capital punishment ordered by a court. We’re talking about a woman getting tired of being raped, beat on and sexually abused for years on end and then taking her angst out on the man’s junk. Lorena Bobbit chopped off her husband’s man-meat after allegedly enduring terrible treatment at the hands of her husband. What happened after she did this? Men everywhere cringed and most women started saying things like, “Serves him right!” and started joking with their friends and telling their men to watch their asses or they’d get the same treatment.

Well, now reverse the scenarios. What if a guy tired of his wife fucking everyone but the UPS guy and he decided to superglue her va-jay-jay shut? Sew her labia together? Cut off her nipples? What would you say then? Most would say, “There are far better ways to deal with abuse and infidelity than resorting to physical mutilation!!” Double standard!

These are just a few examples of a never-ending list of things to where we expect one treatment for one group and a nearly opposite reaction for the other. It’s high time that we realize that wrong is wrong, good is good, and a shitload of treatment is hypocritical. Sadly, though, most of these will never change or change very, very little. Welcome to Earth; third rock from the Sun.

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  1. I think your last point is moot though. Infidelity is a choice and I don’t think it’s equivalent to being subject to repeated rape. I think if one of the boys you talk about who are molested by school teachers decided to shut the teacher’s labia shut, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t flinch.

  2. This article is also a good example of how bias exists in society as well.

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