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30 Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids with Instructions

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Keeping kids imaginations active and their creativity flowing is an important part of helping them develop. Here are 30 fun and easy craft ideas for kids with instructions that are easy to follow and do.

Homemade valentines day cards with plant seeds

1. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards with Plant Seeds

These cards are fun and easy to make. Watching the seeds sprout and grow and learning how to care for plants is a great way to encourage the love of gardening and science in children.

You Need:
Card stock in different colors
Double sided tape
Seed packets

How To:

1. Trace and cut out a pot shape from the folded card stock. Fold the card stock so you have a card that opens and closes. Use terra cotta colored card stock for a traditional clay pot or use bright colors for fun, decorative pots.
2. Cut a heart shape from your card stock and use the markers to write a message and use the double sided tape to attach it to the seed packets. Messages like “You have really grown on me!”, “Looking forward to our friendship blossoming!” and “You are my favorite ‘bud’dy!” are fun ways to reinforce the gardening theme.
3. Add a message inside the “pot”, sign your name and you have the perfect homemade Valentine’s card.

Snowflake window clings

2. Snowflake Window Clings

This craft project is a fun, damage free way to dress up your windows. When the snow is falling and it’s cold outside, looking out the window helps pass the time. These fun, festive, sparkly window clings add interest and are easy to remove.

You Need:
Pencil and paper
Waxed paper
Cookie Sheet
Dimensional fabric paint in glittery, shimmery winter colors

How To:
1. Draw a snowflake template with your pencil and paper. Small, compact snowflake designs are easiest to work with.
2. Place the template face up on the cookie sheet and place the wax paper on top of the template.
3. Use the paint to trace a thin line over the template on the wax paper. Make sure all the snowflake paint lines connect. Allow the paint to dry overnight.
4. Carefully peel the snowflakes off the wax paper and have fun decorating your windows.

Monster mouths crafts

3. Monster Mouths

Sometimes, you just need to have fun with your food. This easy craft project is a great way to get kids to eat fruit and make playing with their food acceptable. This easy, quick craft is perfect for an after school snack.

You Need:
Unpeeled apple slices
Peanut Butter
Mini marshmallows
Fruit leathers
Kitchen scissors

How To:
1. Unroll the fruit leather and use the kitchen scissors to cut long tongue shapes.
2. Spread peanut butter on the apple slices. Place the “tongue” on the peanut butter slice.
3. Arrange marshmallows and raisins on a peanut butter covered apple slice to create “teeth.”
4. Place another peanut butter covered apple slice on top to create the top lips and gently press together. Enjoy!

Egg carton tulips

4. Eggshell or Egg Crate Tulips

This fun craft project is a great way to brighten up the room or add some personality to your Easter table setting. Depending on the age of your children, you can use egg shells or egg crates to make the “tulips”. Older kids will enjoy the challenge of working with delicate egg shells while younger kids will have fun using the egg crates.

You Need:
Hot glue
Tempera paint or markers
Green pipe cleaners
Egg shells or foam egg crate cartons
Buttons (optional)

How To:
1. Gently clean and dry eggshell halves or cut egg carton cups to look like a tulip.
2. Using tempera paint, paint the eggshells or carton to look like tulips. Allow the paint to dry overnight. Using markers, add details to add interest to the tulips.
3. Twist one end of the pipe cleaner into a spiral. Glue the spiral end to the eggshell or carton.
4. Arrange in a vase and admire your work!

Homemade playdough

5. Play Dough

Play dough is an inexpensive project that can entertain your kids for hours. Make play dough in different colors and prepare to be amazed at the things your kids create.

You Need:
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of water
Food coloring of your choice

How To:
1. In a large bowl, mix together flour, salt and water.
2. Add in the oil. The oil keeps the mixture from hardening.
3. Knead in a few drops of food coloring to create the colors you want. You can make several colors from one recipe by simply dividing the dough into smaller portions.
4. Store the play dough in an air tight container.

Marbled crayons

6. Marbled Crayons

This is an easy craft project that also teaches the value of recycling. Take old, dirty, broken crayons and turn them into a beautiful, marbled crayon your kids will love.

You Need:
Old crayons with the paper removed
Muffin tin
Cupcake liners

How To:
1. Preheat your oven to 150 degrees.
2. Line the muffin tin with cupcake liners.
3. Using the knife, chop the crayons into small pieces.
4. Put some of the crayon pieces in the muffin tin. Combine whatever colors you like, get creative!
5. Put the muffin tin in the oven and allow the crayons to melt.
6. Once the crayons have melted, use the end of the spoon to swirl and mix the colors so your crayon is truly marbled. Wash the end of the spoon immediately so you do not have hard wax to remove later.
7. Allow the crayons to cool completely. Remove them from the tray and liner and enjoy coloring with your cool marbled crayons. Package these with a coloring book to make a great gift idea for your next birthday party.

Homemade colored rice

7. Color Rice

Color rice is an easy craft that encourages sensory play and creativity. Make several different colors so your kids can create a rice masterpiece. Give them some funnels, cups and a few containers and watch them scoop, swirl and create with this gorgeous rice.

You Need:
Food coloring
Plastic zip bags
Essential Oil- optional
Wax paper

How To:
1. Pour 1 tablespoon vinegar for each cup of rice you are using and food coloring into a plastic zip bag. The amount of food coloring you will use will depend on the intensity you want. If you are worried about the smell of vinegar, simply neutralize it by adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.
2. Next, pour in the rice. Zip the bag and shake, shake, shake!
3. Once all the rice is coated in the vinegar and food coloring mixture, pour out onto a tray lined with wax paper and let it dry. Time to play! Let your kids play with this on an easy to sweep area and be amazed at how much fun they will have with color rice.

Sidewalk paint

8. Sidewalk Paint

Easy, environmentally friendly sidewalk paint that washes away easily. Mix some up and let your kids make a hop scotch board, draw pictures, make graffiti and explore their artistic side.

You Need:
Paint brushes
1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of cornstarch
Food coloring in a variety of colors

How To:
1. Mix the cornstarch and water. Add eight drops of food coloring of your choice. If you want white paint, omit the food coloring.
2. Go outside with your brushes and paint to your heart’s content. Don’t worry if it looks watery, as it dries it will become more intense.
3. Simply wash away with water or let the rain clean off your sidewalk.

Homemade invisible ink receipe

9. Invisible Ink

Write secret messages with ink that only appears when exposed to heat! Make sure an adult is nearby to make sure everyone stays safely away from the heat source.

You Need:
White Paper
Cotton swabs or paint brushes
Small container
Lemon juice

How To:
1. Pour some lemon juice into your container.
2. Dip your cotton swab or brush into the lemon juice and write your message on the paper. Allow the juice to dry.
3. Hold your paper over a hot toaster or light bulb and watch the message appear.

Crayons stainglass

10. Crayon Shaving Stained Glass

Make beautiful sun catchers with some old crayons, wax paper and your creativity. Create an abstract design or recreate your favorite scene from nature, a movie, a book or anything else you can imagine.

You Need:
Wax paper
Hole Punch
Crayon sharpener or vegetable peeler

How To:
1. Cut two matching pieces of wax paper. Lay one piece down on your work surface.
2. Arrange shaved bits from the crayon on to the wax paper. Use your sharpener or vegetable peeler to get thin pieces that will melt easily.
3. Place the second piece of wax paper on top of the first.
4. Put the newspaper on top of the wax paper to act as a heat buffer. Run the iron over the newspaper until the crayons have melted and fused the wax paper together.
5. Let the wax paper cool. Puch a hole in the top, thread through some yarn and hang it up where everyone can enjoy it.

Pinecone bird feeder

11. Pine cone Bird Feeder

This one is a classic arts and crafts project because it is easy, inexpensive and satisfying. Watch the birds flock to this charming feeder and then look up the birds you saw to turn your arts and crafts project into a science project!

You Need:
Large pine cones
Peanut Butter
Knife or spatula
Hot Glue

How To:
1. Spread peanut butter over the pine cone. Leave the top of the pine cone clean.
2. Roll the pine cone in birdseed, pressing down so the seed will stick to the peanut butter.
3. Glue a loop of string to the top of the pine cone.
4. Hang the pine cone in a tree that you can watch from your window. When the birds arrive, have fun watching them eat and finding out what kind of birds live in your area.

Ocean in a bottle craft

12. Ocean In A Bottle

Enjoy the beauty of ocean waves no matter where you live. This easy project will give your child a relaxing, little ocean complete with waves they can enjoy any time.

You Need:
Vegetable Oil
Hot glue gun
Blue Food coloring

How To:
1. In your clean jar, add some sand.
2. Fill the jar half way with water. Add food coloring until you get your perfect shade of ocean blue.
3. Add the seashells.
4. Fill the jar until almost full with vegetable oil. Be sure to leave some space for air at the top.
5. With the glue gun, run a bead of glue around the mouth of the jar and then put on the lid.
6. Turn your jar, shake it, roll it and play around with it to watch the waves and see what happens to the sand and the shells.

Spin art crafts

13. Spin Art

This is a fun way to make abstract art. With nothing but paint, paper plates and a salad spinner, you can create masterpieces.

You Need:
Salad spinner
Paint, tempera works well
Paper plates

How To:
1. Take the lid off the salad spinner and place a paper plate inside.
2. Spoon paint onto the paper plate. Add as many colors as you want.
3. Close the lid and spin, spin and spin again.
4. Open the lid once the spinning has stopped and see what you created.

Homemade stickers

14. Make Your Own Stickers

Here is a great way to make fun, one of a kind stickers. This is a good project for all skill levels and lets little ones personalize their things with the stickers they made.

You Need:
Clear contact paper
Permanent markers

How To:
1. Tape the contact paper to the table with the shiny side up.
2. Draw whatever you want with the markers.
3. Remove the tape and cut out your shapes.
4. Peel off the contact paper backing and have fun sticking your stickers on all your things.

Shaving cream marbling craft

15. Shaving Cream Marbling

Make gorgeous marbled paper you can use as wrapping paper, book covers or for letters.

You Need:
Shaving cream
Baking pan
Food coloring
Card stock or poster board
Popsicle or chop stick

How To:
1. Spray shaving cream into the baking pan.
2. Drop food coloring onto the shaving cream.
3. Use the Popsicle or chop stick to swirl the colors together.
4. Press a piece of the card stock onto the shaving cream. Wipe away the shaving cream after one minute and let the paper dry.

Coffee filter snowflakes

16. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

A quick and easy craft that will leave you feeling like you’re in a winter wonderland. Hang some in your window and use some as gift tags.

You Need:
Coffee filters
Water color
Glue Stick (optional)

How To:
Fold the coffee filters and cut out shapes to make snowflakes. When done cutting, unfold and paint with watercolors. Use the glue stick to glue them on your windows to create a winter scene that is easy to remove.

Tissue Paper Night Lights

17. Colorful Night Lights

This is fun and easy and will help chase away things that go bump in the night. These night lights are great for children learning to sleep in their own beds and would make a great slumber party craft.

You Need:
Glass Jar
Tissue paper in various colors
Battery powered tea lights

How To:
1. Tear tissue paper into small bits.
2. Combine glue and water to make a thin glue wash.
3. Cover the jar in glue and press on the tissue paper. Be sure the jar is completely covered.
4. Once covered in paper, paint on another thin layer of glue wash to seal down the paper.
5. Let the paper and glue dry. When dry, place the battery tea light in the bottom and enjoy the color light show.

Homemade snow globes

18. Snow Globes

Everyone loves snow globes! Create your own snowy scene with this fun project. Change it up when seasons change and have glitter globes all year round.

You Need:
Glass jar with lid
Plastic figurines
Hot glue

How To:
1. Glue your figurines to the inside lid of the jar. Be sure your figurines are not taller than the jar and that you leave enough space at the edges for the jar to screw back on.
2. Fill the jar with water up to the lid threads. Add a half teaspoon of glycerin and a teaspoon of glitter.
3. Screw the lid back on to the jar and shake it up to watch it snow!

Bubble bottle craft

19. Bubble Bottle

This is a fun twist on bubble wands and uses old socks and water bottles so it offers a great lesson in recycling. Make a few and have a friendly neighborhood bubble blowing competition.

You Need:
Clean water bottle
Clean sock
3 tablespoons of water
Liquid dish soap
Small bowl

How To:
1. Cut the bottom off the water bottle.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of dish soap to the water and mix well.
3. Pull the sock over the bottom end of the bottle. Secure with a rubber band if it is not a tight fit.
4. Dip the sock into the soap mixture and blow through the mouth of the water bottle to make amazing bubbles.

Oobleck crafts

20. Oobleck

Oobleck is a classic craft kids of all ages love. Is it liquid? Is it solid? It’s oobleck!

You Need:
Baking Pan
Food coloring (optional)

How To:
1. Pour cornstarch into the pan. Slowly add water and food coloring if you want colored oobleck and mix until the mixture becomes hard when you apply pressure to it.
2. Either in the pan or out, have fun pinching, pressing and playing with the oobleck.

Pudding paint kids crafts

21. Pudding Paint

A fun way to spend a rainy or cold afternoon. This paint project is easy to clean up and if you have some left over, you can enjoy a snack after you paint.

You Need:
Box pudding
Measuring cup
Food coloring
Paint brushes
Card stock or poster board

How To:
1. Mix pudding according to package directions. Divide the pudding into smaller cups and add food coloring of your choice to create “paint” colors.
2. Use the pudding paint to paint on your card stock.
3. Eat the leftovers!

Homemade slime craft

22. Ghost Slime Time

It’s slime time! Make your own ooey, gooey slime that will keep kids entertained for hours. This is fun anytime of the year but makes an extra special Halloween project.

You Need:
Whit glue
Plastic cups

How To:
1. Fill one cup with water and stir in one tablespoon of borax. Pour an inch of glue into the second cup and then stir in three tablespoons of water.
2. Now, stir in one tablespoon of the borax mixture into the glue and water. Watch how the mixture comes together and if it is still too loose, slowly add in a little borax mixture until you get a slime. Go slowly! Too much borax will make the glue solidify.
3. Once you have a slimy consistency, allow the mixture to set up for a minute. Then, pour out your slime and play!

Cloud Dough

23. Cloud Dough

This is an easy play dough to make. The light, fluffy texture is fun to play with and will hold shapes. If you make this in winter months, call it snow day and enjoy it on a snowy day.

You Need:
Baby oil
Mixing spoon

How To:
1. In a large bowl, mix 2 cups of flour with 1/4 cup of baby oil. Enjoy the cloud dough!

Kids finger paint tree

24. Fall Fingerprint Tree

When fall rolls around, this is a fun project to do with little ones. Talk about how the leaves change colors and have fun creating a fingerprint tree. As an added bonus, you will have their little fingerprints preserved. Frame them and enjoy them as they grow.

You Need:
Paint in fall colors
Paper plate
Card stock
Tree template

How To:
1. Print out or trace a tree template on the card stock.
2. Let the kids squeeze the paint onto a paper plate.
3. Have the kids put their fingertips into the paint and then press them onto the tree to make “leaves.”
4. Let them dry, have the children sign and date them. Enjoy!

Sponge grass kids craft

25. Sponge Garden

Watching their garden grow will delight kids and teach them about nature and science. Who knows, this project may encourage your kids to start a larger garden!

You Need:
Grass seed

How To:
1. Wet the sponge.
2. Spread grass seed on the sponge.
3. Place the sponge in a sunny spot and watch what happens. In just a few days, you will start to see sprouts.
4. In about a week and a half, you will have full grown grass! Let your children water the grass and “mow” it with scissors each week!

Magic Spoons Kids Craft

26. Magic Spoons

This is a fun way to bring some magic into your day. When dipped in vinegar, these “magic” spoons change color and create a magical fizz!

You Need:
Food coloring
Baking soda
Cookie sheet
Clear cups

How To:
1. Make sure your kids are occupied so they don’t see this part, it’s where the “magic” happens! Place a drop or two of food coloring on each spoon, do as many as you like. Now, cover the food coloring with the baking soda so it looks like just a spoonful of baking soda.
2. For every spoon you made, fill a clear glass with vinegar and put them on a cookie sheet.
3. Now, bring in the kids! Let them choose a spoon and stir it into the vinegar. They will be delighted when it starts to fizz and change color.

Kids glow lantern

27. Glowing Jar

This glowing jar is fun to take when trick or treating, on camping trips or just to enjoy on the bedside table. Kids love anything that glows in the dark, so this craft project will be a big hit.

You Need:
Glass jar with lid
Glow in the dark paint
Pipe cleaners (optional)

How To:
1. Make sure your jar is clean and then let your kids squeeze glow in the dark paint into the jar.
2. Screw on the lid. Now, let your kids shake it, roll it and shake it some more to cover the inside of the jar with paint.
3. If you want to make a handle, use the pipe cleaners. Twist one around the other in a loop so you have a handle. Next, wrap the long pipe cleaner tightly around the jar.
4. Put the jar in the sun so it can “charge”. When it gets dark, enjoy your glow jar!

Puffpaint craft window clings

28. Puff Paint Window Clings

Puff paint is just fun. Kids love squirting it, watching it puff up and touching it. Use this project to make Halloween ghosts and pumpkins, Fourth of July fireworks, Valentine hearts, Easter eggs and any other fun shapes you want.

You Need:
Puff paint in various colors
Plastic gallon bags

How To:
1. Using the puff paint, draw whatever shapes you want on the plastic bag. If you are working with young children, draw the outline of the design and let them fill it in.
2. Let the paint dry overnight. In the morning, peel it off the plastic bag and stick it to the window.

Story Spinner Craft

29. Story Spinner

This is a great way to combine art and language skills. You will have hours of fun creating this story spinner and spinning yarns together.

You Need:
Foam board
X-acto knife

How To:
1. Trace a large circle on the foam board. Divide the circle into eight equal pie shape sections. Next, trace an arrow on the foam board.
2. Now, draw different things you like to tell stories about in each pie section. Color and decorate the arrow, too.
3. Next, the adult should cut the circle and the arrow out with the X-acto knife.
4. Using the X-acto knife, cut a small “x” in the center of the circle and at the edge of the arrow. Use the brad to connect the two pieces.
5. Spin the wheel and tell a story based on where the arrow lands.

Pinecone snow owl craft

30. Snow Owls

Cute, fuzzy adorable little owls are fun to make. Make a whole family and decorate your window sill or mantle with this charming craft.

You Need:
Pine cones
Cotton balls
Googly eyes
Hot glue

How To:
1. Pull apart cotton balls and stuff the cotton in between the pine cone to fill in the space and create a fuzzy owl look.
2. Glue on googly eyes.
3. Cut out ears and a nose from the felt and glue them on. Adorable!

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