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25 Amazing Animals and Things They Can Do That You Can’t

9. Ducks


Here’s another animal with a wacky weiner. Male ducks, though they look innocent enough, have freakishly long, corkscrew-shaped penises. Stranger still is the fact that female ducks have corkscrew-shaped vaginas, which often curve in the wrong direction to, uh, fit the duck penis correctly. Biologists think this is because of the high incidence of rape in the duck world. Yes, sadly, about a third of duck mating encounters are not fully consensual. Male ducks are jerks. So scientists think maybe the female ducks developed their screwy (pun intended) vaginas as a mechanism to keep duck rapists out of their private areas. It’s not clear whether consensual duck sex involves a pillow-talk pre-sex discussion of “which way does your dick turn?”. But it’s a cool adaptation, nonetheless.

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