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25 Amazing Animals and Things They Can Do That You Can’t

8. Elephants


 This isn’t about elephants so much as elephant penises. Yeah, that’s right. Elephant penises. For one thing, elephant penises are enormous. They actually hang all the way down to the ground, and male elephants can move them around and use them for…. well, things other than peeing and screwing. Like for example, they kind of have a kickstand situation going on when they lose their balance. They can also use it to scratch that place on their ribs that they just can’t reach with their… hand?  Anyway, elephant sex is also kind of weird. The male doesn’t really ejaculate into the female elephant’s vagina. He just kind of hoses the area down with semen and hopes some sperm swim their way in. Yeah, we know – you had a date like that once…

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