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13 Stereotypes Strengthened By the Internet

One of the most common and popular ways of enjoying the Internet while surfing its vast resources, is online video. Well, eventually, if done long enough, it can take you to some sites that make you question your decency. Even if you know you’re not decent, there are videos that stick with you. Well, this article isn’t necessarily about those.

What it is about are the videos that take gender, racial, territorial, religious and other stereotypes and catapult them into continuing worldwide belief that they’re all seemingly proven true.

They say we’re all at least a little bit racist and a little bit intolerant of many others. Many of us hear certain things, like in the news for example, and automatically assume the person behind it is a certain race, religion or financial status. Admit it. We all do it to a degree. It doesn’t always have to mean we do it outwardly so.

Here we have the top 13 stereotypes that the Internet propagates and strengthens each and every day. Whether each of them or all of them are true, will be left up to you to decide.

1. Russians Are All Alcoholics and Violent Monsters

crazy russian

Video after video shows them stumbling around and slurring their speech. Hell, the Russian language itself sounds slurred at times, but between that, the apparent popularity of tracksuits from Adidas, and the propensity for seemingly unprovoked violence, is extremely rampant on the World Wide Web.

2. Asians Can’t Drive – Anywhere

asian driver

Talk about one that is getting strengthened, and this one damn sure comes up. Sadly though, it’s not likely to go anywhere. Every day, video after video after video shows drivers in Asian countries running people over left and right. Whether it’s a dump truck making a turn and turning a moped-rider into a puddle or two people riding tandem on a motorcycle blindly pulling out into the path of a speeding Mack truck, these people seemingly have severe vision problems. There has to have been at least one study done about this…somewhere.

3. Black People Are All Criminals (and Can’t Fight One-on-One)

african arrested

This one is hella common. Sadly again, the headlines and videos out there aren’t doing much to quell it either. Whether true or not, the moment many of us hear that a convenience store was robbed by a flash mob, an old man minding his own business was jumped by 4 guys, or someone was shot, it’s automatically assumed that it was someone of African descent. As for their tendency to jump in when their buddy’s getting beaten to a pulp, sites like Worldstar Hip Hop aren’t doing anything to help their cause.

4. All People from the South (in the USA) are Uneducated, Toothless and Racist

Here’s another one that online video isn’t helping much. If you hear that a guy shot himself in the shoulder just to see what it felt like, or a group of people got injured while squirting diesel fuel onto a bonfire, most automatically assume some backwoods hick is involved. They also tend to have a knack for being known for unfair fights, unwavering tempers and mouthfuls of snuff. And then you have the confederate flag and the belief that all in the deep south have dozens of ancestors and current relatives, or they themselves are in the Ku Klux Klan. Thanks, YouTube.

5. Nigerians Are All Scammers

That is all.

6. All Muslims Are Intolerant, Violent Terrorists


It’s claimed by Muslims in the media that the Jihadists are actually just the fanatics; the minority. Well, the minority has a much louder, more-often-heard voice then. Video after video shows jubilation at the slightest hint of tragedy in the west, victim after victim having their head sawn off with a sharp knife, and protest after never-ending protest because someone dared insult their God. The entire time these outrages are being perpetrated, they can be heard chanting “Allahu Akbar” (“God is Great.”) Perhaps if and when the majority stands up and makes themselves heard, this one will be put to rest. Perhaps not. Only time will tell.

7. All Republicans Are Bible-Thumpers/ All Democrats Are On Welfare


This one, obviously only in the U.S., is widely believed. Regardless of the topic being discussed, whether a crime here or a travesty there, some idiot turns it political and claims one of the comment-makers is “a typical liberal” (Democrat) or holy-rollin’ conservative (Republican). The fact is that while there are more than just the two parties in the United States, these two are the most prominent and most followed. Even then, though, not every single person that aligns themselves with either party agrees with every single aspect attributed to said party. Period.

8. All Atheists Are Bitter, Negative Pricks

Thanks to people the likes of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, atheists are seen as people who do absolutely nothing but walk around pissed off and trying to make changes to everything. It’s simply not true. What we see online and in the papers is the more outspoken and activist types. Just like any group, there are the ones who ruin it and the ones who make it proud. Bill Gates, one of the most giving individuals on earth is an atheist. Penn & Teller both, who have been entertaining people worldwide for many years, are atheists. Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, Barry Manilow, Warren Buffet, Woody Allen, Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek), Mark Twain, Billy Joel, Charlie frigging Chaplin….all atheists. The truth is you’ll often find infighting more prevalent between two Christians over who’s more of a “true Christian” than you ever will between a Christian and an atheist or between two atheists.

9. All Brits Are Stuck Up and Have Bad Teeth


Not true. Spend some time on forum-based community web sites online and you’ll get to know people from all walks of life, all age groups and all nationalities. British people are no different than the rest of us and an accent doesn’t make one stuck up or holier-than-thou. As for dental issues, Lord knows how that got started, but we assume it was those in the forefront not giving the best impression.

10. All Americans Are War-Mongering, Gun-Carrying Lunatics

Yes, America has one of the highest guns-per-household numbers in existence, but not every one of them own one. Not every American is itching for the next country to piss them off just so they can send troops to blow them off the map. The fact that they’re an extremely diverse and proud nation does not make them any worse (or better) than anyone else is.

11. All Australians Say “Krikey” and “Throw Another Shrimp on the Barbie”

Yet another example of media and film skewing the world’s view of another country. Newsflash: Steve Irwin annoyed and entertained them every bit as much as the rest of us.

12. All Texans Live on Vast Acreage, Own Livestock, Horses and Wear Boots


You’d be quite surprised at how many people in the world, hell, even in the U.S. itself, thinks that Texas is all dirt roads, cows mooing, tumbleweeds blowing across town and people walking round in cowboy boots and hats while yelling, “Yeeee Haaaaawwww!” There are places in Texas that rival places in New York. There are gangs in Texas. There are heavy metal bands that call Texas home. It’s not all people who bang their sister and pee off the front porch.

13. All Gay People Are Effeminate (Men)/Butch (Women)

Look. Just like every other group in existence, there are all kinds. This one is yet another example of the fanatical and up-in-your face types garnering all of the attention. Chances are you have a gay friend that shows not a single one of the stereotypical signs. Furthermore, not all of them go to highway rest stops looking for hookups.

It’s high time that we, as individuals, treat everyone else as individuals. Read a book or three. Educate those around you. *We are the woooooorld. We are the childreeeen. We are the ones who make a brighter day………*

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