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10 Sexual Benefits of Going Vegan

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Even if your libido isn’t lacking, no one will turn down a better sex life. These are sentences you will never hear, “No thank you. I don’t want a better sex life. I’m perfectly fine with mediocre sex. Mind-blowing sex is not for me.” Not even your grandmother can say that without crossing her fingers behind her back. What will make your sexual activities better?  (Hint: More talk about hot granny sex is not the answer.) It’s not so much about what you need to add, but rather what you need to subtract… eating anything with a face. Diet plays a huge role in your sex life. Consuming meat and animal by-products can do horrible things to our bodies, whereas, a vegan diet nourishes our body keeping it in peak condition for hours of hot sex. Here are 10 reasons why having a diet high in fruits and vegetables will give you a better sex life:

1. Better Taste

You will physically taste better to your partner. People who munch meat have more of an ammonia smell and taste. When you combine that with chemicals and preservatives found in non-vegan diets, your body turns into a toxic waste factory. Studies have shown that fruits such as pineapples give semen a better flavor by counteracting the acidic taste. So, do your girl (or guy) a favor and eat more pineapple. Hell, be really exotic by throwing in some coconut water, and you’ll have Piña Colada flavored semen. That gives sex on the beach a whole new meaning.

2. More Energy

A diet high in animal protein will increase your cholesterol, clog your arteries, and make you feel sluggish. Fructose is a natural sugar found in fruit. Unlike processed sugar, it won’t cause a peak in energy followed by a sudden “sugar crash”. Sugar from fruit will provide a more even, sustainable energy.  The more energy you have, the more stamina you will have in bed. Instead of rolling over and snoring, rub peaches on your partner and eat it off for that extra energy boost needed for round two or three.

3. Softer Skin

Eating a non-vegan diet can affect skin causing breakouts.  If you’re self-conscious about your skin, it’s more difficult to enjoy yourself. The high water volume in fruits and vegetables flushes away any impurities from your body, leaving your skin soft and supple. Fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants, such as strawberries, blueberries and spinach also help your skin absorb free radicals and anti-inflammatory agents. You will be able to revel in your partner rubbing your skin, instead of being distracted by pimples.

4. Healthier Body

A non-vegan diet is a disease-causing diet. A typical American diet is not only high in calories; it is also proven to cause several diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  A vegan diet is loaded with the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need for peak performance.  Fruits and vegetables cleanse your body of toxins, leaving you less bloated. Eating a vegan diet clears the mental fog for a healthier brain. The best sex begins in the mind for women. Mental stimulation must happen before physical stimulation.  Yes, women are capable of pure animalistic, purely carnal sex, but not for more than a one night stand (or two). Braingasms are necessary in order to achieve mind-blowing orgasms.

5. Better Odor

Just as a non-vegan diet affects the way you taste; it also affects your smell. Animal fat can cause skin to become very oily, trapping bacteria. Ew!  Bacteria on our skin causes body odor not sweat.  By consuming a high fruit diet, you will have a natural perfume coming out of your pores. Strawberries are excellent for whitening your teeth and freshening your breath. We all know what a turn off poor hygiene or unpleasant odors can be. Instead of trying to mask your nasty body odor by spraying chemicals on yourself, create a pleasant olfactory experience from the inside out.

6. Less Selfish

Living a vegan lifestyle causes people to make selfless decisions multiple times a day. Most people first made the vegan choice because they care about the treatment of animals, not because of their great love of cauliflower. Someone who cares enough about animals to not contribute to the perpetual cruelty forced upon them is going to be more open and caring toward other human beings. When you think about the greatest sex you’ve ever had, you don’t think about the person who was in it for themselves, and could care less if you had a good time or not. No, you think of someone who gave you the most pleasure by sharing in the experience. No one wants a selfish lover.

7. Increased Natural Lubrication

The high water volume in fruits and vegetables keeps the body well hydrated, increasing lubrication during sex. Having to reach for a tube of lube can ruin the moment (also known as coitus-interruptus). Not only do you have to pause to dig it out of your bedside drawer, but dryness can cause both partners to be self-conscious. Men may worry if they are falling short in arousing the woman, and women may worry that something is wrong with them. All of this unnecessary anxiety during sex can be effortlessly amended by a simple alteration in your diet. (Ladies, if you are still reaching for the lube post dietary adjustment, then it’s time to find a man who knows how to pleasure a woman… life’s too short to have bad sex.)

8. Increased Blood Flow

We all know how damaging meat is to our cardiovascular system. It clogs arteries, and prevents proper blood flow. Doctors tend to focus on the effect this has on our hearts. If the attention would travel farther south, everyone would be vegan, or at least eat more fruits and veggies. Studies show that men can gain penis length with weight loss. Increased blood flow is one of the many benefits of a vegan lifestyle. The more blood flows to our nether regions, the more fun for all involved.  Penises are larger and women’s orgasms are multiple.

9. Happier

Not only does a non-vegan diet create a toxic environment, animals are often injected with hormones and antibiotics that wreak havoc on your body’s chemical balance. This can cause mood swings, low libido, and a general feeling of blah. Consuming fruits and vegetables increases your serotonin levels, also known as your happy chemical. Instead of reaching for Zoloft and Xanax, grab some oranges, grapefruits, or corn. Happier people generally have more sex, which also releases serotonin and dopamine. It creates one big cycle of bliss.

10. Compatibility

Vegans are more likely to choose a like-minded partner. When two people are compatible, they have more chemistry in bed. Add an attuned partner to all of the other benefits, and you have the recipe for a perfect sex life.

Stop screwing around, and fortify your fornication. If race car drivers put regular gas in their cars, they would sputter out after the first lap. Olympic athletes must give their bodies the necessary fuel to maintain peak performance. To be a legendary lover you must care for your equipment, and that takes more than keeping things neat and trimmed down there and brushing your teeth.  Get rid of anything in your life that doesn’t bring value to your body. Stop gumming up the works with processed, animal by-products, or any animal products. Maintain a healthy vegan diet to promote a healthier body and reap the rewards of a lifetime of mind-blowing sex. It’s that simple. The next time you’re tempted to reach for anything non-vegan ask yourself if you will enjoy that cheeseburger, bacon or steak more than great sex. If you’re still not sure… you’ve obviously never had great sex.

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